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Page 16 of the playtest doc mentions something called 'world traits' and then the game never again explains why you did that stuff. Here's why.

Each trait, when you inventify it, should have a little check box or something. I'll invent this at some point. Anyway, in play, a supporting player, which means not the GM and not the person playing the captain in the conflict, can call upon a world trait to force a re-roll of a d4 or d6 from either the GM or the captain player. Doesn't matter who came up with it.

Imagine that Meredith and Doyce and I are playing, because we're in Denver all magically all of a sudden, and I'm the GM and Doyce is playing a captain, and there's a conflict, like maybe a chase scene or something cool, and Doyce's captain is trying to escape.

Imagine that in world creation for this world, someone created a world trait called "covered in sheets of ice." So during this chase, and let's say it's vehicles that look kind of like snowmobiles, I get an awesome roll, and Doyce is like, oh crap. Then Meredith says, "but all the sheets of ice are making it hard for them to pursue, so re-roll that six."

And I re-roll and get a 2, and it shifts my dice results around so Doyce can hang in there.

Make sense?

Don't get any ideas, though, Doyce. She and I are still happily married. Just because she sided with you it doesn't mean anything.

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