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Lotro WoW CoX

Realm types PvE+PvMP(Monster Play) PvP, PvE, RP, RPPvP PvE+PvP in specific areas
Characters per server 7 10 12
Character Level 60 80 50
Number of Classes 9+6 monster 9 5 hero, 5 villain, with numerous subsets
Number of Races 4+monster 10 5 'origins'
Character factions None (players can log in to play monsters, but they don't generally play them long term) Horde vs. Alliance Hero vs. Villain
Character development options skills (though you pretty much just get them), traits (the most customization coming from Class and legendary traits, and how they give you "set" bonuses for different kinds of builds), Legendary weapon attributes skills (some), talents (much customization here), stats (as a function of the others) Primary/Secondary + Power Pools; power slotting; Invention enhancements
Fellowship (Team) Combo-Maneuvers yes no no
Titles yes kinda yes
Accomplishments yes yes (recent addition) yes (accolades)
Reputation yes yes no/kinda
Lotro WoW CoX

Groups "Fellowship" of 6 "Group" of 5 "Team" of 8
Persistent Groups "Kinships" "Guilds" "Supergroups"
Raid size 4 Fellowships Combined = 24 (rare: more commonly two groups of 6 = 12) Also, a number of new, 'fast' 3-man instances.) 8 Groups Combined = 40 (MUCH more common now is 25 and 10 man instances) No support for an actual Raid group (except ad hoc creation of custom channels); raid areas are limited to 50 characters
Instances yes yes yes, x2: Both regular missions and Task Force chains work like 'instances' in WoW, and LotRO is a mix.

Player vs Player
Player vs Player PvMP (Monster Play) PvP PvP in some zones
PvP rankings yes No longer In arena and/or in PvP zones
Lotro WoW CoX

Weapons, Armor and Items
Item Durability Yes Yes Yes (normal enhancements 'wear out' as you level and have to be replaced/upgraded to remain viable; invention enhancements do not)
Socketed items yes (in legendary items) yes Kinda: powers all have sockets -- invention enhancements can be worked to provide Set bonuses, just like gem combinations in WOW
Custom coloring of items yes (Dye available for any clothing item. Items all drop with a random color dyed to them, and can be changed.) no yes (Icon)

Game Play
Queueing Attacks Yes No Yes
Key/Mouse/Command Bar Customization Yes Yes Yes
Quests 2200+ 6500+ 1600+ plus policeband/newspaper missions

Death Penalty
When you are defeated in battle, you must (unless helped to recover by a teammate) "retreat to the nearest town". You sustain a few minutes of Dread, which reduces your stats temporarily, and get a repair bill to fix up damaged gear. No XP debt. When you die, you can either get rezzed by a party member (light damage to the gear you have equipped), or appear as a ghost at the nearest graveyard and either (1) run back to your body to self-rez (light damage to equipped gear) or (2) rez at the greveyard (heavy damage to all gear you had with you, even if not equipped). No XP debt. XP Debt. You 'owe' the game a certain amount of xp that must be paid off -- essentially the game docks your XP 'wages' until it is paid. The amount owed per death is more if you die outside a mission instance. There is a cap on the total amount of debt that can be owed, roughly equivalent to 5 to 10 consecutive deaths.
Offline Benefits While offline, your character accumulates a "bonus bar" of xp that doubles the XP you get from killing bad guys (but does not double quest turn-in rewards). This bar maxes out at about a level and half's worth of doubled kill xp (and which accumulates fast enough that you'll probably never run out of doubled xp bonus unless you play every waking hour for a whole weekend). While offline, IF you logged out in an inn or major city, your character accumulates a "bonus bar" of xp that doubles the XP you get from killing bad guys (but does not double quest turn-in rewards). This bar maxes out at about a level and half's worth of doubled kill xp. While offline, your character accumulates a "bonus bar" of xp. This bar maxes out at about a level's worth of doubled kill xp. In addition, if you log out in specific areas of the city (such as the University for 'scientists'), you get earn rewards for your character that follow the basic theme of that 'undercover' profession.
Auction house yes yes yes
Number of Professions 10+1 hobby (fishing) 10+specializations 12 ea. Hero/Villain, plus 5 accolade (combo) jobs ea. "Day Jobs" powered by time offline and location parked.
Professions per toon 3 (kinda - you really just pick one 'gestalt' profession that contains 3 actual skills) 2 (+3 'swag' secondaries) Unlimited, but practical effect limited by time offline.
Emotes yes yes yes
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