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 Instance	Level	Region	        Location                                       	Abbr
 Great Barrow	20-25	sw Bree-land	Barrow Downs                                    	GB
 Garth Agarwen	30-35	ne Lone-lands	ne of Haragmar                                  	GA
 Fornost	35-40	nw North Downs	Fornost		 
 Urugarth	45-50	ne Angmar	west from Himbar, after Gate of Shadows head south 	Uru
 Carn Dûm	45-50	nw Angmar	north of Donnvail                               	CD
 Barad Gúlaran	45-50	ne Angmar	Nan Gurth                                       	BG
 Glinghant	45-50	s Evendim	Annuminas, east of the ranger camp 	 	 
 Ost Elendil	45-50	s Evendim	island of Tyl Annun                             	OE
 Haudh Valandil	45-50	s Evendim	west of Ost Elendil, north of the bridge to Tyl Annun 	HV
 The Rift	50	ne Angmar	ne of Nan Gurth	
 Helegrod	50	n Misty Mntns	top of The Bitter Stair
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