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  • Valour: adds a lot of morale...probably the one 'must have' on the list
  • Justice: adds ICMR and some morale; tends to be overrated but still useful
  • Discipline: adds Might, which increases mitigations and block chance
  • Determination: adds Agility, which increases parry, evade, and melee crit%
  • Loyalty: adds Vitality
  • Innocence: adds reduced melee vulnerability and some shadow mitigation
  • Fidelity: adds shadow mitigation and some vitality
  • Confidence: adds fear resistance
  • Charity: adds wound resistance, which helps avoid disarms
  • Zeal: adds disease resistance and some reduced melee vulnerability


  • Defensive Expertise
  • Stoic
  • Selfless Defense
  • Guardian's Ward
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