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Tone: From him: Dresden Files, Angel, Noir Urban Fantasy... From her: Fafrd & the Grey Mouser, Undercover Blues, Buddy hijinx, 50 Detective Movie... more upbeat than Angel, and a bit more than Dresden From me: "Reminds of Cast a Deadly Spell, starring Fred Ward..."

Setting: San Francisco, 1950's

Elevator Pitch: A husband and wife team of detectives, specializing in magical cases in a world that pretends magic doesn't exist. ("He's a clairvoyant veteran of a special World War 2 army unit, she's a chinese american descended from the Celestial Court... together, THEY FIGHT CRIME!")

The Player Characters:

The Supernatural Questions:

  • How common is magic? On a scale of 1 to 10? 3
  • What is magic's general feel? Weird and somewhat seductive ('easy and quick' ways to do things tend to be a slippery path)
  • What kind of creatures? No skin walkers. Anything is fine, provided the lighter tone of the setting is respected.
  • Who knows about magic? Those whose background relates to it.
  • How is it acquired, learned, and taught? Magic techniques can be taught, though one can be born into native abilities, or be the victim of magical curses or blessings.
  • Who can do it? Anyone can learn it, though people can still have natural aptitudes or a 'knack' for it that makes them the preferable student.
  • Are there places of power? Yes. Stonehenge, a particular cable car, the world's largest ball of twine...

Magic level: Moderate (13 Magic tokens for each player).

Situation: Two weeks ago, a son of the Chinese "Celestial Court" (read: Chinese seelie court), traveling abroad for the heck of it, was killed in a San Francisco Chinatown brothel/opium den. The Celestials are sending someone to investigate.

NP Cs/Villains:

  • Head of the local Tong
  • High Celestial Inspector Fong (aka: The Jade Dragon of the East)
  • Emperor Norton
  • Cable Car 12
  • Curator of the Pan Asian Museum
  • The Wild Woman

Magical Facts:

  • Clairvoyants exist (bought by Dave during chargen)
  • Chinese celestials can breed with mortals (bought by Margie during chargen)
  • Hedge magic exists (bought by Dave during chargen)
  • Chinese dragons exist (bought by me during support cast chargen)
  • Chinese dragons can assume human form, but there is some telltale in their appearance that even mundanes can sense. (GM created)
  • Chinese Sorcerers can paralyze people with a look, but it can be contested (GM created)
  • Chinese Sorcerers can summon Ancestor Spirits to defend them, but it fatigues the Sorcerer (GM created)
  • Chinese Celestials are resistant to magic, but they can't resist magic and use magic at the same time (Margie)
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