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Concept: Senior Patrol Guard. Decorated veteran of 1149. Respected in the Guard. 'Should' be a patrol leader or captain, remains a Patrol Guard, often assigned ad hoc solo missions (like Sadie from the books).

Age: 49 Rank: Patrol Guard

Will: 4 Health: 4 Nature: 4 (Saves for winter, but doesn't run and hide and doesn't fear predators.)

Appearance: He has thick black fur, speckled with silver. His cloak is blue.

His skills are:

Fighter: 5, Pathfinder: 4, Persuader 3, Boatcrafter: 3, Militarist 2, Scout 2, Survivalist 2, Cartographer 2 Map-wise 2, War-wise 2, Weasel-wise 2 (His specialty is Pathfinder.)

His traits are:

Tough (1) Guard's Honor (1)

Resources: 5
(Thrifty, always packs carefully for a journey)

Circles: 4
(Strong ties to the Guard (uncle-mentor), Did something of renown in the Guard (1149 war 'field brevet' to commander), has powerful enemies in the Territories (governor of Copperwood))

Belief: Miracles come through sacrifice.

Instinct: A path unmapped is a path lost.

Born: Port Sumac Parents: Teran & Melisandre (Boatcrafters)

His natural talent is Militarist.

His Senior Artisan was Havram, a Cartographer.

His Mentor was Emil, his uncle (mother's brother, deceased), who emphasized Pathfinding.

His friend is Rand, a peer and Guard Captain.

His enemy is the Governor of Copperwood. (!)

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