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The second page of the character sheet is great. Make sure every player has a copy on a seperate sheet, so they don't have to keep flipping their character sheet over.

Other than that, here are useful pages to mark when running the game:

  • p88. Breaking Ties
  • p95. Beginner's Luck (using skills you don't have)
  • p111. Which Skill Do I Use? (the skills for Journey conflicts are unfortunately not listed on the sheet)
  • p191. generic mice templates.
  • p203-222. wild animal templates you are using in the session.
  • p231. Range of Difficulty (to help you improvise Ob numbers, if necessary)

Furthermore, have every player take the second sheet, the one with all the conflict details on it, and change the stars (*) on the "Action Interactions" tables as follows:

  • Attack + Feint = A (only Attacking player rolls)
  • Defend + Feint = F (only Feinting player rolls).

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