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Concept: A shy, bookish mouse with a thirst for knowledge.

Age: 25 Rank: Patrol Guard

Will: 4 Health: 4 Nature: 4

Appearance: Buff fur. Her cloak is also buff.

Her skills are:

Pathfinder 5, Scientist 3, Healer 3, Fighter 2, Hunter 2, Weather Watcher 2, Cartographer 2, Archivist 2, Cook 2, Medicine-wise, Path-wise, Widget-wise (Her specialty is Pathfinder.)

Her traits are:

Inquisitive (1) Clever (1)

Resources: 4

Circles: 3

Belief: Truth and knowledge are their own reward.

Instinct: Discover and document.

Born: Sprucetuck

Parents: Gwen and Cadfile (Cartographers)

Her natural talent is Scientist.

Her Senior Artisan is Mariell, an Archivist.

Her Mentor was Mary the Older, who emphasized Pathfinder.

Her friend is Aunt Moira, a cartographer in Barkstone.

Her enemy is Patrol Leader Thom, a senior member of the Guard.

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