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So, if you want magic hacked into Mouse Guard (or into some other Mouse Guard hack, like Realm Guard), you expand on the uses of Lore Mouse a bit. (For Realm Guard, call it Lore Master.)

What Lore Master can do:

  • Speak with Beasts and Birds, as you can with Lore Mouse, with the same Obs. This is the most basic and most "mundane", almost-normal application.
  • It can act as a "substitution skill" for conflict. This shouldn't allow a player to sub in Lore Master for everything in every conflict; it may be substituted in for only one conflict option in a given conflict (attack, maneuver, defend, or feint).
    • To dial it down even more - say instead that it can only be subbed in for one ACTION in a given conflict.
  • It can, like Scientist, let you affect things "bigger" than you when it's used in Conflicts - alternately, the tools it can create accomplish this.
  • Can be used to create 'tools' for another skill -- light, while Pathfinding in series of dark tunnels, for example.

I still like the idea of Lore Master being able to give to give helping dice to your other rolls, like a Wise, HOWEVER...

  • You can accomplish the same thing by taking a suitable magical Wise. Yes, this means you have to get two 'magic' skills, to which I reply "It's f'ing MAGIC. Suck it up."

When Lore Master (or a magical wise) is used to help another skill, the results of the test should, in the style of Tolkein, be described with some equivocally supernatural elements.

So, when used to help Oration, the Lore Master's voice takes on a heavy, thundering power. When used to help Scouting, he "seems to" listen to the whispering of the trees and beasts around them, then says "the orcs are to our west; there are many."

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