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This hack isn't a dead-on probability simulation of the dice method in Mouse Guard, but if you have a deck of cards and no dice, it'll work.

  1. Use the full deck of cards, with ONE joker included.
  2. Draw a number of cards equal to the number of dice that would normally be rolled in a given situation. Helping players draw from their own deck, if they have one.
  3. Red suit cards and the Joker count as a success. Black suits count as a failure.
  4. Any Red Jacks, Red Aces, and the Joker can be 'exploded', as per the rules for Persona points and sixes in the basic rules.
    • To tweak up the chance of success and the chance for "explosion" slightly in the players favor, add the second Joker back in.
  5. Reshuffle the deck after each Test. For Conflicts, don't return cards to or reshuffle the deck until the full Conflict is over.
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