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Pm Wiki uses a number of directives to specify page titles, descriptions, page keywords, and control the display of various components.

Shows a list of attachments of the current group or page, depending on whether attachments are organised per group or per page. The attachlist is displayed at the foot of the uploads page form.
Options: (:attachlist NAME:) shows a list of attachments of the group or page NAME. (:attachlist ext=xxx:) specifies an extension for filtering by type of file.

(:description text:)
Descriptive text associated with the page. (Generates a <meta name='description' content='...' /> element in the page output.)

(:keywords word1, word2, ...:)
Identifies keywords associated with the page. These are not displayed anywhere, but are useful to help search engines locate the page. (Essentially, this generates a <meta name='keywords' content='...' /> element in the output.)

(:linebreaks:), (:nolinebreaks:)
Honors any newlines in the markup; i.e., text entered on separate lines in the markup will appear as separate lines in the output. Use (:nolinebreaks:) to cause text lines to automatically join again.

(:linkwikiwords:), (:nolinkwikiwords:)
Enables/disables Wiki Word links in text.

Turns off any groupheader or groupfooter for the page. (See GroupHeaders.)

(:noheader:), (:nofooter:)
(:noleft:), (:noright:), (:notitle:)
If supported by the skin, each of these turns off the corresponding portion of the page.

(:redirect PageName:)
Redirects the browser to another page, along with a redirect message. For security reasons this only redirects to other pages within the wiki and does not redirect to external urls.

(:spacewikiwords:), (:nospacewikiwords:)
Enables/disables automatic spacing of Wiki Words in text.

(:title text:)
Sets a page's title to be something other than the page's name. The title text can contain apostrophes and other special characters. If there are multiple titles in a page, the last one encountered wins.

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This page may have a more recent version on PmWiki:PageDirectives, and a talk page: PmWiki:PageDirectives-Talk.

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