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We decided to start up some Primetime Adventures on the spur of the moment, so no one had an "elevator pitch" for the show. What we finally settled on was: detectives in Victorian England, but with some magic and intrigue because The Fey have recently decided to come back to the Real World and get involved." What was interesting about this was that Jackie (the Producer) was out for most of the design phase of this and kind of let us have our head with the concept -- she was willing to come in and produce whatever we came up with. Go her.


TITLE: Shadows by Moonlight

FORMAT: One hour action/fantasy/historical melodrama (think Castle Falkenstien meets From Hell)

SETTING: London, Victorian England

CONCEPT: Each week we follow the exploits of three members of the Full Moon Investigative Agency as they are alternately (a) consulted by London's constabulary (b) hired by the government of either Britain or the Seelie Court (c) embroiled by their own interests in cases that involve the recent return of the Fey to the modern world: Why did they really come back? Why now? What happens when the magical meets the mundane?

TYPICAL EPISODE: A case involving some kind of magical element is brought to the attention of the Agency through one of the means mentioned above, and the main characters investigate the threat and expose the culprit (though said exposure might then be hushed up in order to smooth the public relations between normal folk and the fey). In dealing with these external cases, the main characters find they must also deal with their Issues.

CURRENT STORY ARC: This 5 episode series begins ___________.

The Cast:

The Story Arcs/Issues:

Roger AveburyAtonement221312
Wilhemina St JohnObsession221123
Thaddeus DunboyneHates Fey211232
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