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I find it difficult writing when a weasel is eating my feet.

Stories Written:

    * Blue Room Blues
    * The Last Bottle
    * Selling His Soul
    * Rug Of Many Colors
    * The End Of The Line For
    * Cherry Pie
    * Wings
    * More Than The Obvious
    * The Ears Of The Beast
    * Yes
    * On The High Seas
    * Skeleton Key
    * Leaves Of The Wreath

To Be Written:

    * The Studio?
    * Squirm and Struggle

(Oops - I thought I uploaded The Studio? from home. It's on my bad hard drive. I'll find the draft on a disk Any Day Now.)

Some of what goes through my mind on an irregular basis can be found on my LiveJournal(approve sites) as my blogs are kind of on the quiet side right now.

Nothing else to see here, move along. Yes, I'm the one who brings lesbian faerie erotica to readings. Someday I'll write a decent profile. Heck, someday I'll write a decent story. Until then, indecent ones will be my forte...


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