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Hello, and thank you for the invitiation to Story Ball? 0406!

My name is Sean O'Brien. I am a 38-year old husband and father of two from Valencia, California. I am a high school English teacher of 14 years and a community college adjunct professor of English for six. In addition, I am the newly-named junior varsity head football coach for my school.

I have had one novel published (sort of) by Writers' Exchange and I have another written but not published. In addition, I have written God-knows-how-many short stories and have had a dozen or so of them published, some of them in a publication called The Leading Edge.

I got involved in Storyball here through the good graces of some mook named Doyce (there you title for you: "A Mook Named Doyce") and with the kind assistance of Ana. I know some of the participants from an online roleplaying game called City of Heroes--a game I have been known to indulge in from time to time.

I've very much looking forward to writing with all of you, and I again thank you for the invitiation!

--Sean O'Brien

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