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Magic, as a principle Action Type in Trollbabe, is constrained in its application to long rituals -- when there's time to... take your time. In other words, it's lousy for snap-shot spells in a moment-to-moment crisis situation, and gets penalized if you try do something like that in middle of a brief and violent scene. Snap-shot spells are now accounted for only by the re-roll item (remembered spell).

As a general rule: You can't call for a Magic conflict in a scene unless

a. you've prepared to cast the spell in a previous scene.
b. if the conflict seems to be a lengthy one, by its circumstances and the nature of what's happening, so that such a time-consuming task could be undertaken without penalty.
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Page last modified on August 02, 2005, at 01:25 PM by DoyceTesterman

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