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Although the formal Stakes are limited by the session's Scale, that doesn't mean that other stuff, possibly bigger in scale, cannot happen. It's just not going to be directly affectable by the trollbabe's rolls and goals, and will be subject to more arbitrary GM decision-making and interpretations throughout play.

To pick an extreme example, I might run the first session of a Trollbabe game set during a widespread war. Villages, provinces, and maybe even whole countries are being conquered. But the scale for the Stakes is just "one person," so the direct consequences of the trollbabe's actions are limited to considering the one person's fate.

Now, let's say during play the trollbabe does something that might affect things at the larger scale, such as talking to one of the local war-leaders. Can this happen? Yes - but even if her goal is to "stop the war," and even if the player succeeds in the rolls, that doesn't mean it will happen. It only means the character successfully convinces that one guy, and the GM has total control over the implementation of whatever that will cause.

Much later in play, if the formal scale has increased greatly, the trollbabe could indeed directly "stop the war" or fail to do so via a roll.


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