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For the setting itself:

  • Basically Fantasy - more low fantasy and sword and sorcery in tone - with other fun bits bolted on. "Warhammer Fantasy, as GMd by John Cleese."
  • No specific rules of magic at a macro level, with many insular rules of magic at the micro level.
  • Lots of different races.
  • Anything that might qualify as science-fiction or the like should be of a steampunk or Jules Verne bent; this would include any theories about how the world exists in the solar system, the universe, and everything.
  • Other dimensions for weird crap to come from or leak out of.
  • A long and storied history.
  • Puns.
  • At least slightly humorous, in the style of Pratchett/Discworld, keeping in mind that most of the humor of the books comes from wry, pun-loving voice of the NARRATOR and snarky comments by the main characters... not because the entire population is half-knowingly running a Monty Python sketch.
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