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The Grand Duchy's Administrative Building – once the personal abode/folly of Earl Eastward, Professor Martin Bettencamp, inventor and minor noble – was the first automated building ever designed. Thanks to the freedoms afforded landed Ducal shareholders, Bettencamp was able to legally outfit his invention with the best in defensive systems, sensors, and entertainments;1 as well as a top-notch difference engine (originally occupying several sub-levels beneath the building, thought much expanded since then). Since Bettencamp's demise and the subsequent retasking of the edifice, the Administrative Building 's capabilities have been, in one Gnoxic technician's words, "excitifright-graded".

1 -- These entertainments include what is still referred to as the "Music Room", a misleading, if historically accurate name; the room might have once been used for performances or recitals in the days before it (and the castle cum technological folly it is a part of) was acquired by the Duchy’s extremely dedicated taxation department, but those days are long past – no one living remembers a time when the keep has not been the Administration Building, nor does anyone remember performers ever being invited to play in the Music Room. (Which is not to say that people do not sometimes hear music being played in the Music Room.)

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