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Played by: ***Dave


  • Diplomat 3d6
  • Explorer 3d6
  • Warrior 4d6

Gear: 5d4

Personality Traits

  • Strong tradition of Duty (naval).
  • I'm more than a bit obsessive.
  • Propriety matters.
  • We serve the interests of Humanity.
  • I want Papa to be proud of me.

Ship Traits
The CSV Tenebrae

  • Deceptively obsolete
  • Former military destroyer
  • Fast


First World Selawik

  • Cold Planet
    • Planetary Ring Mining
    • Monolithic Monuments
    • Thin Atmosphere
    • Equatorial Skyhooks
  • Adversity: 1d8, 1d6
  • Crisis: Human vs. Human
  • Factions:
  • Goals
    • Stop Terrorist Plot 1d8
    • Learn more about Dad's past 1d6
    • ((Discarded)) Obtain a Trade Cargo 1d4

Denver Playtest

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