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Played by: Randy


  • Astronaut 4d6
  • Explorer 3d6
  • Warrior 3d6

Gear: 5d4

Personality Traits

  • The System pisses me off.
  • I root for the underdog.
  • I was born ready.
  • Violence is the last result... of losers.
  • I protect my people.

Ship Traits "Barbarosa"

  • Got no flash.
  • Alert.
  • Overgunned.


  • Byron Drax Plunkett-Smith, extremely wealthy politician - one-time sweetheart of Anse's deceased sister
    • Type: 1d6
    • Strain: 0

First World: Chatura

  • Water World
    • Massive Native Lifeforms
    • "Floaty" Aerial Critters
    • Perpetual Sunlight
    • Caesium Mining Pollution
  • Resources: Caesium Mining
  • Adversity: 1d8, 1d4
  • Crisis: Human vs. Human
  • Factions:
  • Goals ((Which one to discard))
    • Outwit Gun Moll 1d8
    • First Contact with the Air Whales 1d4
    • (Discarded) Rescue in Space 1d4

Denver Playtest

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