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Denver Playtest | Anse Schmalkalden >

Played by: Margie


  • Professor 3d6
  • Tinker 4d6
  • Explorer 3d6

Gear: 5d4

Personality Traits

  • I focus on the goal.
  • I'm sometimes reckless.
  • I need to prove myself.
  • I'm easy-going, until I'm pushed too far.
  • I'm curious.

Ship Traits

  • Things aren't what they appear.
  • Nimble Mynx
  • Extremely comfortable.


  • Old University 'Brothers'
    • Type: 1d6
    • Strain: 0

First World

  • "New Eden" Earth-norm planet
    • Religious Fanatics
    • Species on the cusp of Sentience
    • Mysterious disease amongst the Natives
    • Thriving Theatrical Arts
  • Resources: Agricultural Production
  • Adversity: 2d8
  • Crisis: Human vs. Nature (Weary Existence - ongoing debilitating and sometimes-fatal disease)
  • Factions:
  • Goals
    • Cure Plague 1d8
    • Find Replacement Quantum Array for the U-drive 1d8
    • ((discarded)) Rescue Frat Brother

Denver Playtest

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