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Each home world keyword will eventually contain the following:

  • A brief description of the world and its people.
  • A list of skills your character begins play with, at the keyword rating.
  • A list of common personality traits you may select for free, at any rating up to the keyword rating.
  • A list of example relationships typical of inhabitants of your world (these are not free).

A wealthy core world with exemplary medical facilities (if not exemplary security). Aside from the titular Ariel episode, it was also mentioned in ‘The Message’ as Tracey’s original destination for the Blastomeres. As Ariel was not listed among the other core worlds in River's classroom scene of the movie "Serenity", it may be that Ariel is a moon of Osiris.

Border planet with at least four moons, one of them Whitefall.

A wealthier, more civilized planet relatively close to certain border worlds. Serenity was headed to this planet before the ship's steering was sabotaged by Saffron in Our Mrs Reynolds.

As seen in Serenity, Beaumonde (or one of its moons), is largely a heavily polluted rock with its main wealth being in machinery and mining. The Maidenhead bar is where the crew meet up with Fanty and Mingo. This planet is comprised largely of overcrowded oriental cities.

  • Skills: Avoid Attention of Authorities, Beumonde Geography, Gambling, Sense Opportunity, Stay Neutral, Urban Survival.
  • Common Personality Traits: Enterprising, Greedy, No love for the Alliance, Ruthless, Knows when to Run/Fight.
  • Example Relationships: to business partners, to family, to moneylenders.

A rich man’s paradise. By crude definition, each estate is self-contained on a floating island above the oceans of Bellerophon. Each estate has all the trimmings; grass lawns, landscaping and multi-code locks to keep out any unwanted visitors. There are also local police patrols that cover the area. Durran Haymer owns an estate here.

Bellerophon is not a 'water world': both Mal and Saffron are left in terrain that resembles open, arid desert.

  • Skills: Assess Social Standing, Command Social Inferiors, Corporate Culture, Navigate, Swim, Tolerate Dull Work.
  • Common Personality Traits: Conformist, Disciplined, Methodical, Obedient.
  • Example Relationships: to Alliance, to underlings, to family, to supervisor.

A terraformed moon near the core worlds that serves as a staging location for ships of settlers headed for the border planets (The settlers in Bushwhacked left from here on their way to New Hall.) The moon is named for Alliance war hero Bernadette Sheridan-Hale (see the Unification War).

A small border moon, sometimes used for smuggling and the like. (Mentioned by Mal as a place where Monty got pinched by the Feds in 2516 -- Trash)

  • Skills: Evaluate Goods, Fool Outsider, Make a Profit, Beylix Geography, Think Quickly, Understand Outsider.
  • Common Personality Traits: Ambitious, Friendly, Mercenary, Untrustworthy.
  • Example Relationships: to family, to moneylenders, to smugglers, to Alliance.


"Boros is too big. It's crawling with Alliance."

A civilized planet with a more strict Alliance presence than Persephone (due somewhat to its support of Independent forces during the Unification War).

  • Skills: Espouse Revolutionary Ideals, Fight Back, Guerilla Tactics, Boros Geography, Remember Boros Traditions, Stand Alone.
  • Common Personality Traits: Demoralized, Hate the Alliance, Passionate, Vengeful.
  • Example Relationships: to black market traders, to family, to the Independents, to the Alliance.

Dyton Colony
Dyton Colony is a border world/human-occupied landfill made habitable and colonized through judicious use of convicts looking to reduce their prison sentences. Natives of Dyton can be identified fairly easily due to their notable accent. (River identifies Badger as a native of Dyton Colony and passes herself off as one as well by imitating his speech patterns. (Shindig)

  • Skills: Climb, Endure Pollution, Find Something Useful, Go Without Food, Dyton Geography, Wasteland Survival.
  • Common Personality Traits: Cunning, Pitiful, Thrifty, Wary.
  • Example Relationships: to family, to Alliance, to scavengers, to traders.

A planet in the Georgia System around which Adelei Niska's Sky Plex orbits. (The name of the place is mentioned at the beginning of War Stories.)

  • Skills: Mining, Aid Ally, Family Traditions, Fight Honorably, Move in cramped spaces, Pilot vehicles.
  • Common Personality Traits: Loyal to Comrades, Suspicious.
  • Example Relationships: to town, to family, to Mining Guild, to the Alliance.

Georgia System
A heavily-developed border system with a high number of planets, moons and glorified rocks valuable for mining (and/or equally useful for clandestine dealings). Paradiso and Hancock are located on one such planet in the system (Ezra), and the Georgia system is also one of the bases of operation for Adelei Niska; his privatized Sky Plex orbits the planet Ezra.

Ironically, it's more likely, given the accents prevalent in the area, that the Georgia system owes its name to a region of eastern Europe on Earth-that-was, rather than the more obvious American stateside source.

  • Skills: Asteroid Mining, Betray Ally, Fight Dishonorably, Move in Zero Gravity. Pilot Starship.
  • Common Personality Traits: Competitive, Hot-headed, Loyal to Comrades, Reckless.
  • Example Relationships: to colony, to family, to Mining Guild, to rival colonists.

A civilized planet (or at least one with good medical facilities) not far from several border worlds:

  • Wash mentions that it would be an eighteen-hour trip to reach Greenleaf in Out Of Gas (which, following Jaynestown, might mean they were coming from Higgins' Moon).
  • While looking for medical help for Book in Safe, Wash again mentions this planet, and Mal mentions that it is a ten-hour flight from their current location (Jiangyin).
  • Skills: Bribe Official, Grow Plants, Identify Plants, Climbing, Conceal small objects, Jungle Survival.
  • Common Personality Traits: Independent, Entrepreneurial
  • Example Relationships: to family, to smugglers.

An extremely independent mining colony – checkered with both legal and illegal operations that don’t welcome interest from outsiders.

  • Skills: Bribe Official, Heavy Labor, Move Quietly, See in the Dark, Mining, Underground Survival.
  • Common Personality Traits: Brave, Independent, Stay Calm Under Pressure.
  • Example Relationships: to family back home, to miners, to smugglers.

Little is known officially about Hera, other than the fact that it was the site (via Serenity Valley) of what turned out to be the last major battle of Unification War. It is a largely agricultural world, considered the breadbasket for the entire system.

Higgin’s Moon
Moon whose major export is mud and building supplies, peopled mostly by indentured workers, living in squalor. Canton is located here. (Jaynestown)

Ita Moon
A moon in a remote sector. It is unclear what sort of activities occur in the area, but the locale seems useful for salvage. (The crew of the S.S. Walden was returning from a salvage mission around Ita Moon when they stop to 'help' Serenity in Out Of Gas.)

Border planet where hill folk kidnap skilled folk they need. (Safe)

Kowlan Federal Base
An Alliance space station (serving the same general purpose as a frontier fort in the Old West), Kowlan is located closer to the border world of Jiangyin than Persephone.


  • Skills: Desert Survival, Endure Heat, Keen-sighted, Moistureless Farming, Ride Horseback, Lilac Geography.
  • Common Personality Traits: Hard-working, Idealistic, Unsophisticated, Fear Reavers Even More Than Normal
  • Example Relationships: to family, to farmers, to gangsters.


"There is two major planets in the core… the central planets are Sihnon which is basically China and Londinium which is basically America."
-- Joss Whedon

In River's classroom scene of the movie "Serenity", Londinium is the second planet listed on the screen to the left of the teacher. It is probable that Londinium's local government is a monarchy (like Persephone's), while it is one of the main planets in the Alliance.

  • Skills: Londinium Geography, Feign Loyalty to Alliance, Keep a Low Profile, Know Proper Etiquette, Obey Orders, Urban Survival.
  • Common Personality Traits: Cosmopolitan, Sophisticated, Emotionally Guarded, Suspicious of Border worlders.
  • Example Relationships: to corporation, to family, to Alliance, to underworld.

New Hall
A new border planet, recently opened to standard colonization. (The settlers discovered in Bushwhacked settlers were headed here from Bernadette). It boasts large oceans, and water is one of the planet’s primary commodities. Like New Melbourne, it has a strong fishing-based trade.

New Melbourne
Known for its heavily fishing-oriented economy. It's also a layover point for most of the systems both in the Core and border. Inara was talking about leaving Serenity when they stopped here (at the beginning of Objects In Space).

A very wealthy Core world and the heart of the Alliance’s Judicial Branch (as well as the corporate headquarters for Blue Sun). Simon and River grew up here and Simon studied and practiced medicine here as well. The planet is 'advanced' enough to have developed truly disreputable areas in the urban sprawl -- places known as Blackout Zones where loyal Alliance citizens simply do not go. The main city on Osiris is called Capital City, which is where Simon worked as a surgeon.

In River's classroom scene in the movie "Serenity", Osiris is the third planet listed on the screen to the left of the teacher. Ariel may be a moon of Osiris.

  • Skills: Osiris Geography, (Feign) Loyalty to Alliance, Know the Law, Know Proper Etiquette, Obey Orders, Urban Survival, Bribery.
  • Common Personality Traits: Cosmopolitan, Sophisticated, Emotionally Guarded, Dandified.
  • Example Relationships: to corporation, to family, to Alliance, to underworld.

Little is known about Paquin except that early in their career, Serenity’s crew had work lined up there. (Mentioned in the flashback where we’re introduced to the less-innocent Kaylee in Out Of Gas.) Paquin is home to entertainment and travel circuses of all sorts, and is the home of the Arts on the Border worlds.

Civilized planet with heavily stratified societal structure (and, as a result, a large slum population; see Eavesdown Docks). (Serenity and Shindig)

As we see in Shindig, Persephone has a local monarchy. Nobility is indicated by wearing a sash. In River's classroom scene in the movie "Serenity", Persephone is the sixth planet listed on the screen to the left of the teacher.

A planet in the Georgia System. (The name of the place is mentioned at the beginning of The Train Job.)

  • Skills: Mining, Aid Ally, Family Traditions, Fight Honorably, Move in cramped spaces, Mining, Pilot vehicles.
  • Common Personality Traits: Loyal to Comrades, Stoic Pride, Bowden’s Malady.
  • Example Relationships: to town, to family, to Mining Guild, to the Alliance.

Saint Albans
St. Albans is a remote and unsettled world of ice and snow, and its bitterly cold nights prove easily fatal to the unprepared. In addition, it suffers from periodic meteor strikes from the many asteroid fields that exist nearby. Not all of St. Albans is icy plains, however; several mountain chains penetrate the ice shelves, and there is a great tempestuous sea to the south of the planet. Along St. Albans’s equator there are said to be deep fissures in the ground where exotic fungi grow in the darkness, may miles below the surface. The extreme temperatures and isolation can prove to be an advantage for those with something to hide or nothing to lose, and it is rumoured that there are a few small bases and settlements scattered across St. Albans’s arctic surface. Most do not last more than a year, one way or another, but some are more permanent. Some of St. Albans’s ‘hidden inhabitants’ are exiles or criminals, some operate mining installations, and some work in secret military or scientific research bases.

  • Skills: Anticipate Weather, Arctic Survival, Endure Cold, St. Albans Geography, Stay Hidden.
  • Common Personality Traits: Determined, Quiet, Loner, Patient.
  • Example Relationships: to colleagues, to family, to mining group

A less-sophisticated planet not far from Persephone. Mal and Jayne get in a fight with some slavers in a bar here (at the beginning of Shindig).

  • Skills: Cause Trouble, Eye out for Trouble, Listen for Enemies, Santo Geography, Gambling, Urban Survival.
  • Common Personality Traits: Depressed, Lawless, Self-reliant, Tenacious.
  • Example Relationships: to family, to gang, to scavengers, to Workers Guild.

Mal’s birthplace; his mom owned a large ranch here. This was also the site of the very last battle in the Unification War.

Shadow was a prairie planet that took well to terraforming. It was known for its farms and ranches. The planet was almost entirely rural: no cities and only a few towns dotted the surface. The people of Shadow were hard workers and independent-minded. It was one of the first to stand against the Alliance. Most of the planet's young people volunteered to fight for Independence.

Shadow was aggressively bombed during the war in an attempt to break the Browncoats & teach them a lesson; it had the opposite effect.

In River's classroom scene in the movie "Serenity", Shadow is the fourth planet listed on the screen to the left of the teacher. (Which means we ignore the thing from the RPG about it being uninhabitable – you don’t list blasted, lifeless rocks alongside the Alliance capitol.)

The jewel of the Core worlds, Sihnon is described in such a way as to imply that it far surpasses the sophistication and technology level of any of the planets we see during the show, with the possible exception of Ariel (and Inara seems to imply that Ariel is 'lovely', but still a far cry from her home world).

One of the two main core worlds (the other being Londinium). According to Joss Whedon, Sihnon is based on Chinese culture.

During the classroom scene in the Serenity Movie, Sihnon is the first planet listed upon the screen to the left of the teacher. The heart of the Core Worlds, Sihnon is the capital of the great Alliance and the home of parliament itself.

  • Skills: Arts and Philosophy, Formal Etiquette, Know Your Allies, Sihnon Geography, Speak Cryptically, Stylish Dresser.
  • Common Personality Traits: Peaceful, Sophisticated.
  • Example Relationships: to family, to servants, to ruling class, to the Alliance.

Silverhold Colonies
Eight sectors from Saint Albans. Federal Agent Womack’s jurisdiction is here.

  • Skills: Silverhold Culture, Find a Shortcut, Fly Starship, Identify Ship, Look Out for Number One, Repair Ship.
  • Common Personality Traits: Arrogant, Courageous, Proud, Selfish.
  • Example Relationships: to corporations, to Engineering Guild, to family, to Alliance.

Three Hills
Mal was ready to try to move his stolen goods on this moon if Patience didn’t bite at the offer. (Serenity Pilot)

A primitive border planet where fringe religious sects with very strange teachings and practices govern even the most civilized townships. (Our Mrs Reynolds)

  • Skills: Castigate Sinner, Triumph Geography, Kill Heretic Scum, Know Church Doctrines, Preach to the Converted, Worship Loudly.
  • Common Personality Traits: Fanatical, Stern, Unreasoning, Xenophobic.
  • Example Relationships: to congregation, to family, to the Elder.

Once a sophisticated and peaceful moon. It consists of small seas and vast temperate grasslands inhabited by many kinds of wildlife.

Due to the planet's heavy involvement in the Independents' side of the Unification War, Verbena is scarcely surviving, barely more than a piece of barren rock. Recently, the Alliance has been making an effort to show the population the error of their ways by leading them back into prosperity through government-funded improvements to the planet's economy.

  • Skills: Agriculture, Verbena Culture, Find a Peaceful Solution, Galactic Politics, Know Alliance Colonies, Rural Survival.
  • Common Personality Traits: Grief-stricken, Hate/Embrace the Alliance, Pacifist/Rebel, Sophisticated.
  • Example Relationships: to surviving family, to colonists, to exiled politician, to the Independents.


"Whitehall isn't civilization in the strictest sense."

4th Athenian moon, a large percentage of which is owned by a woman named Patience. The crew visits Whitefall during pilot episode Serenity.

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