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Weapons, vehicles, and assorted gadgets, play an important part in the 'verse. Each character begins with:

  • Any starting equipment described in their occupation.
  • Any weapons they have a matching ability for.
  • Enough food and energy capsules to last a week.
  • Any type of armor.
  • Anything else agreed with the GM as being appropriate.

Characters can also select additional items as extra abilities. See the table at the end of this book for some examples. The following special rules apply to technological items: 'High-Tech Weaponry' and 'Scaling Damage'.

High Tech Weaponry

There is quite a bewildering array of weaponry in the 'verse. They all have just one thing in common: - they are extremely lethal. Whenever a character is wounded by a high-tech weapon, increase the effect by one defeat level.

Scaling Damage In the 'verse, some vehicles are of such vast scale that they dwarf most normal people. Whenever a character or vehicle is damaged by something of a 'larger scale', for example: a Reaver skiff firing at a person, increase the effect by one defeat level. Similarly, if a character or vehicle is damaged by something of a 'smaller scale', for example a person firing at a Reaver skiff, reduce the effect by one damage level.

Special Items

"Six men came to kill me one time. The best of 'em carried this. It's a Callahan full-bore autolock. Customized trigger, double-cartridge thorough gauge… It is my very favorite gun."
"You offering me a trade?!"
"A trade?! Hell, it's theft. It's the best damn gun made by man. It has extreme sentimental value. It's miles more worthy than what you got."
"What I got? She has a name."
"So does this. I call it Vera."
-- Jayne and Mal, Our Mrs. Reynolds

You may upgrade any item, weapon, or vehicle to a special item. Special Items are more than just equipment; they are a fundamental part of the character that owns them. They may be special because they are unique, highly advanced, or simply because they have sentimental value.

  • Upgrading an existing item to a Special Item counts as two extra abilities.
  • Add 3 additional abilities to the item at 13.
  • Add +10 to one ability and +5 to two others.
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