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Brief summary...

As the various carriages trundle down the road (Chiella in the lead with Samson, a miffed Cupix in the second carriage with a fading simulacrum of Chiella, and Ursula in the last carriage with Kurgen), Chiella senses the power of the Appian Way somewhere nearby, off the road.

Now, given that the power of the Appian Way is strictly confined to her family... and that both the Family and the familial hives that the magic derives from are dying out... this is very very curious. Chiella has the carriage stop, climbs out, and basically bolts out into the trees, ordering the still-injured prettyboy Samson to stay there.

Cupix pulls up short, seeing his potential magical meal ticket running off into the trees, and pursues.

Kurgen is now pursuing both the last practitioner of Appian magic AND "his" homunculous (Cupix), so obviously HE stops. Ursula trails after him, more than a little nervous about so many people making a bee-line (HA!) toward her home and 'her' bees.

The game was quite some time ago, and I didn't take notes, but the gist of things that happened was this:

  • Chiella and Cupix had some kind of conflict where he was trying to convince to do something 'his way'. I don't recall what that was, but I believe the upshot was he failed and she headed off toward the hive meadow while Kurgen closed in.
  • Kurgen and Cupix engaged in a deadly kind of Cat and Mouse in the wild undergrowth, with Kurgen basically tracking Cupix. Somewhere in the midst of that, Ursula pretended to help Kurgen, but at the last moment threw her dice in with Cupix to deceive Kurgen about which way the Homunculus went. I don't recall why she did that, but I do remember that it was for her benefit, not Cupix.
  • At the very last round of that conflict, Kurgen was trying to sense Cupix, who was literally steps away, behind a tree. Ursula was talking to Kurgen, and that made him lose focus (and Cupix). Kurgen snarled at Ursula and backhanded her.
  • Cupix had the chance right then to jump Kurgen (with a ton of advantage dice in his favor), but just then Chiella cried out or did some kind of mental Plea to him, and he had to choose between killing his creator or going to save her.
  • Cupix abandoned that chase and raced to help Chiella. He managed this, but Chiella was left in bad shape by the very angry and territorial bees -- she's very confused about their very angry rejection of her -- they are definitely survivors of the Family's ancestral Hives, but they want NOTHING to do with her, and she has no idea why.

So it's CLIFFHANGERS for everyone, and we decide to switch to a new Oracle at this point... which we'll be talking about in Appian Session Three.

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