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Concept: An 'urban' fighter, more used to dueling without consequences than battles for her life.

Age: 26 Rank: Patrol Guard

Will: 4 Health: 4 Nature: 3 (Doesn't save for winter, doesn't run and hide and doesn't fear predators.)

Appearance: Shining grey fur. Her cloak is green.

Her skills are:

Fighter 6, Healer 4, Instructor 3, Smith 3, Persuader 2, Armorer 2, Weather Watcher 2, Duel-wise 2, Copperwood-wise 2, Armor-wise 2 (Her specialty is Fighter.)

Her traits are:

Independent (1) Short (1)

Resources: 4

Circles: 4

Belief: Glory comes to one alone, but Victory is only achieved with the Guard. (All for one, and one for all.)

Instinct: Always keep my equipment in fighting repair.

Born: Copperwood

Parents: Benedict and Portia (Smiths)

Her natural talent is Fighter.

Her Senior Artisan Richard, an Armorer.

Her Mentor was Warwick, her uncle, who emphasized Fighter.

Her friend is Saxon, a fellow guard, friend, and sparring partner during Winter seasons.

Her enemy is Miranda, a potter of Copperwood.

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