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Hmmmm. ktbuffy works in publishing (and should be working right now, in fact, instead of browsing the internet), and is a devoted fan of Joss Whedon and all his works. A bit of a pop culture junkie, actually, and a fun study in contradictions (or so she says on her online dating profile page), she adores Buffy the Vampire Slayer, books by Terry Pratchett, Neil Gaiman, Jennifer Crusie (yay - sexy!) and Meg Cabot, swing music and ska, superhero roleplaying games and swanky cocktail parties. She pretends no one on the internet knows who she really is by using several pseudonyms, but she's probably kidding herself.

Oh, and shoes. She really likes shoes. And she blabs about her life here.

Written for the NaNoWriMo'05 Storyball:

NaNoWriMo'05 Storyball phantoms created:

Written for the April'06 Storyball:

April'06 Storyball phantoms created:

Written for the NaNoWriMo'06 Storyball:

NaNoWriMo'06 Storyball phantoms created:

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