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TITLE: Ironwall

FORMAT: One hour post-apocalyptic survival drama (elements of The Postman (book), Hellboy II, Blade, I am Legend (movie), Matrix (movies), Cadillacs and Dinosaurs (comic), and Aliens).

Makeup and faerie character design by the same crew as Pan's Labyrinth.

SETTING: Semi-near future, in which most of society has collapsed in the face of the return of Faerie (and a very angry Fae to boot). Protagonists are survivors of the collapse of society who live in a semi-agrarian settlement within the ruins of a major city (probably Manhattan) - the iron in the city keeps them somewhat safe from attacks by the Fae.

CONCEPT: Each week we follow the efforts of the survivors to maintain the safety of the settlement and determine the plan of the enemy fae.

TYPICAL EPISODE: The protagonists discover something previously unknown about the fae -- something with potentially threatens them in a new or previously-thought-impossible way. In protecting their fellows and loved-ones, the main characters find they must also deal with their own Issues.

CURRENT STORY ARC: This series begins with the pilot on May 20, 2009.

The Cast:

  • Cam, mechanic and tinkerer-savant
  • Joseph Newton, one of the pillars of the settlement, hiding a terrible secret
  • Lennox Delancey, border guard, the survivor of a wiped-out settlement
  • Sienna, goth girl practitioner of 'black' magic, who has already paid high prices

The Story Arcs/Issues:

Session 0: The Pitch Session

CamTemptation (Faerie Sex)212321
Joseph NewtonSelf-worth (I'm a Fae)211223
Lennox DelanceyControl-freak (protect the settlement)223211
SiennaAtonement (horrible things already done)212231

Director Couch

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