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Lacking some players for our scheduled TSOY campaign, we decided to do a PTA adventure, based on the earlier life of a character in a Mortal Coil game (which is about as much cross-game referencing as we can handle here).


TITLE: Strange Allies (original working title, "Weird War II")

FORMAT: One hour action/fantasy/historical drama ("Hellboy" meets "Alias" meets "Combat")

SETTING: WWII, European Theatre of Operations (See also: Real-world timeline, and a detailed one)

CONCEPT: Each week we follow the exploits of a newly constituted Allied supernatural task force as they go behind the lines to defeat the preternatural threats of the Third Reich. (Main Titles)

TYPICAL EPISODE: The protagonists receive or have received an assignment, and are flown in to foil the plot, recover the artifact, defeat the monster, or otherwise resolve something uncanny and dangerous. In following their duty to their countries, the main characters find they must also deal with their own Issues.

CURRENT STORY ARC: This series began on the SciFi network with the pilot on April 28, 2007.

The Series Bible

The Main Title Sequence

The Cast:

The Story Arcs/Issues:

Augustus WeldSelf-Destruction221213
Marie St JeanTemptation223211
Roger DonneSelf-Worth211232
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