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The International Organization For the Civilization of Peoples is only the third in a string of names that capitalizes on the power of currency, women who have currency (often abbreviated to "WWC" for "Woman With Cash") , and women who see a thriving need to use that currency "for the betterment of others.[1]" Morally opposed of course, to the Yack Pack of Multi-Talented Ladies of Leisure?[2], this would be a secret society if only the individuals involved had any secrets to hide,[3] and if the women involved thought of themselves as anything but a "group of mostly like-minded individuals."[4]

Credited in "The Fengak Project," it was rumoured their "membership"[5] was made up of wealthy scions of the Reluctant Folk. Rather, behind the scenes, as it were, there are very strong-willed women who seem content to let the spotlight shine instead on their international[6] works. Other less successful projects include the "Tea for the Tillermen" project, the "Barbarian Boutique," an "exploration into the Xpletive," and "Stopping That Thing They Do When They Talk Without Ending The Word Properly,"[8] grant started by a Duchess of Welstead.

Members meet every few seasons at the estates of other members, usually alone[9], and they discuss their business over three days of relaxation and tea[10]. The upcoming meet is said to be being held in Dorniala, which isn't to say that the Princess Carmel Feralia is a member. Exerprad bookies are already sizing up potential adventurers to escort the WWC.

[1] "Others" as in, "Those unfortunates who could use a bit more in the way of clothing, and yes, we've heard what the Gelts wear under their kilts. Tell us a joke with some lasting power, dearie, and pass a biscuit, would you?"

[2] Implying, of course, that the Yack Pack has nothing in the way of morals, being patrons of the rather outrageous "performing arts."

[3] Besides an occasional sip "just to tide them over," or a tendency to use enough "tiding themselves over" to be 300 proof.

[4] Hence the third in the "string of names," and the only one captured in the Encyclopedia Exstansica, a project abandoned by the IOFCP when it was told that "manners" were not the only guide to inclusion.

[5] "Membership" implies that the organization accepts members. One certainly knows where one fits in, and when one doesn't. The organization recently recognized both a GnoxicGnome and a Fengak into their ranks, if only to enjoy 1) the sniping between the two, and 2) the combined net worth said to be of a block in Bodea-Lotnikk's wealthiest suburbs. (Most likely in Lotnikk.)

[6] "Money spends everywhere, didn't you know that?"[7]

[7] This is a form of diplomacy in most "civilized" countries.

[8] Gerunds are not a form of rodent, but it took some convincing the Duchess.

[9] "Alone" meaning in the company of no less than three bodyguards, two stylists and wardrobe artists, and a bevy of companions not quite as stunning in face or intellect but nevertheless competent enough to complement the WWC. Or "Lady of Power" as some prefer to be called.

[10] "Tea" in this case not meaning the kind of gourmet banquet that bankrupts smaller countries. In correction, it has only come near to bankrupting one small country, and that kingdom was subsequently bought by the Gelts and sold back to the king. The Gelts maintain it was quite the bargain.

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