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Juliwen was a scholar of some renown in ancient Dorniala. The half-Gelt 1 was known for his observations of trauma and what effects they had on the mind and body. In his time and depending on whom you spoke with, he was commonly known as Juliwen the Creative or Juliwen the Cruel 2.

A large majority of his observations were taken in the company of Zerak of the Hung’dai?, a general of the Forty-Six Point Three Six Year War, a battle for resources 3 that Zerak ultimately won. Juliwen contributed to the victory by applying his own corollary to the ICKY Effect, the ICKYBIC effect, which stood for “I Can’t Kill You, But I Can…”

By using the above effect Juliwen was able to document the many ways one could break both the mind and the body using a variety of techniques, most involving sharp objects placed in very tender areas or large blunt objects being swung violently into other areas. Juliwen’s notes were eventually compiled into a book, Memoirs of an Anatomist, Part One 4 which became required reading for anyone who wished to become a healer.

After the war, Juliwen did attempt to continue his work but because of constant misunderstandings between him and his colleagues 5, he was banned from the community at large. Eventually a mob of people, complete with torch waving and shouts of, “Kill the Bugger”, stormed into his hidden laboratory 6, and burned him at the stake.

However while the townsfolk claimed to have seen him die, there are still dark rumors floating about that say that Juliwen had managed to cheat death and continues to run his experiments in a better hidden laboratory to this very day.

1: The other half of his heritage remains a mystery to this day, largely because nobody wants to admit that somebody other than a Gelt could conceive of what he did.

2: There was a third name, Juliwen the Joke but the person who came up with that moniker disappeared soon after creating it.

3: The resource in question was a single Yellow-Barked Muk Tree?. Wars have been fought for less.

4: Parts 2 – 20 were also published but were banned and/or burned because the content was too disturbing, causing those who managed to get a hold of a copy to sink into a fugue state, babbling nonstop about tiny purple monkeys.

5: The "misunderstandings" being that Juliwen was using his colleagues for experimentation.

6: Hidden being defined as, “That creepy tower at the top of the hill that has weird lights and odd sounds coming from it every third night and during afternoon tea.”

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