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A type of white port wine created with the use of an Opeidovinoscope, albeit via unusual techniques.

For a typical spring wine, one might simply operate an "O-scope" for a few hours in the middle of a meadow buzzing with bees, the chirrup of young birds, and the rustle of green grass; a deeply-chilled riesling might require a week's worth of sound-collecting on the banks of a frozen river or (for the finer bottles) atop a glacier. Similarly, the results of various Opeidovinoscope "distillocordings" of a famous opera or concert are well-documented (and often litigated).

But all these applications (and appellations) are fairly typical; one might even say predictable or pedestrian. The primary difference between lighter wines and a Rondemel is not the method of sound collection, but the duration; a port distilled according to this method leaves an Opeidovinoscope 'open' for an entire year.

Therefore, when one speaks of most wines -- commenting that the year was particularly good, bad, or unremarkable -- they are of course referring to the vintage, and the vineyard.

With a Rondemel, they are speaking of the quality of the Year itself.1, 3

Of course, due to the nature of the Opeidovinoscope, it is not only the year that is important, but also the location; a Rondemel vinted in Lotnikk during the Rather Scandalous Mass Bundling Of 1703 is going to have a very heady, dare-one-say 'hedonist' aftertaste, whereas a bottle distillocorded atop of the Unlikely Tower would be (regardless of the year), if not undrinkable, at least grounds for felony charges.

1 - Something made doubly (or triply, or more) complex by the multitude of different calendar systems still in use today.2

2 - Despite several laws passed, barring same.

3 - It is a common, if not academically-approved practice for unprepared University students to cram (or in this case, 'guzzle') for history exams with an appropriate bottle of Rondemel.

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