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The Unlikely Tower1 is likely the most common place for suicides in Bodea-Lotnikk.

The tower was originally used as a place from which the town crier could call "Impending city-wide disaster, the mayor has fled the town!"

In years since, is has been used as a brain elevator2, a set location for Project Take-Things-We-Use-For-Other-Stuff-And-Make-Them-Into-Things-You-Can-Wear, and it briefly housed the Ducal Regiment.

But it was when the star-crossed lovers Xenu and Crusio? jumped from the top of the tower that someone wisely remarked "Oi! It's quite unlikely you'll survive if you jump off that beast!"3.

Since that fateful day, the tower's name has been carved into the depressed psyches of many in the city, most especially brokers from the Grand Duchy of Kroon.

Under pressure from various religious groups, the city has placed guards around the tower to prevent people climbing it to jump4. This has, so far, not proved to be much of a deterrent.

-- Yours in Scholarship, Argus Penwizzle

1 Formerly known as the 'Compensating for Something' tower.

2 Physicians thought for a period of time that raising one's brain higher in the air would help stimulate the thought processes. Sadly, they simply mistook vertigo for insight.

3 This has been attributed to many streetwise scholars of the time, but most widely to the great Zong?.

4 The guards' nickname being 'The will-he-jump bookies'.


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