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The Spinmorta is a unique device used in warfare. It falls under the military classification of “suicidal light siege weapon” but is still in use today, most notably by the Ducal Regiment and its imitators.

Upon first look the Spinmorta looks like nothing more than a large wooden ball reinforced with metal bands. As one gets closer to it, a door becomes visible, along with multiple holes that have been poked into it, revealing it to be hollow. Depending on who built the device, such as a Dwarf, Dwarve, or Fairy, it may have other additions, such as spikes protruding from the device or chains. 1

The Spinmorta typically comes into use when an enemy has had time to dig in and build earthworks and fortifications against an assault. An added bonus is if they did this within a few hundred yards of a hill. 2 What happens then is a person, sometimes mounted, is encased within the Spinmorta and sent forward to try and batter some of the fortifications down. The holes drilled into the device are so that the person inside can navigate, rolling the Spinmorta around in an attempt to wreak maximum havoc but only a select few can perform this ability. Most of the drivers are simply told to go straight and not to try any “fancy stuff” since doing so can sometimes lead to friendly casualties. 3 Even if they are capable of advanced maneuvers the driver typically is crippled or killed upon impact with the fortification, especially if the device was set on fire, a recently discovered trick. The enemy then takes the Spinmorta, removes the enemy driver and then sends it back in an attempt to try and take some of the enemy out. 4

1: These are purely ornamental and don’t really add to the damage caused when the Spinmorta impacts the fortifications, but are really noisy and look nifty when the device is moving quickly.

2: Which would be a terrible military blunder but this is the military after all.

3: As happened in several battles which haven’t been mentioned because it would be terribly embarrassing to do so.

4: Which led to the popular phrase of “Passing the Morta” used to describe the tedious process of exchanging blows between rival armies.

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