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The Ducal Regiment, or "Duc Reg" as it is known to students of military history, is the contingent of troops originally assembled by Grand Duke Henrik the Studly for the purpose of capturing new lands on which to practice Tumwallering, his favorite pastime.1

At the time of it's assemblage, "Duc Reg" was the finest collection of the three "P's" ever assembled.2 It has been used in centuries since as a benchmark against which all other military units are measured.3

At the time it was unprecedented that it included not 10, but a full 11 bolt-throwers, and at least two Spinmortas.

Many other terms from Duc Reg have survived, such as "sergeant", which of course originally meant "ale-fetcher"; and "lieutenant", which originally meant "just agree with everything I say, and you might get promoted"4.

Also originating with Duc Reg was the infamous "Phallunx", not to be confused with the far more successful "phalanx".

While some have argued that these things originated elsewhere, such people have clearly never been Tumwallering with the Grand Duke.

- Yours in scholarship, Argus Penwizzle

1Unfortunately, by the time the Regiment was assembled, he'd quite moved on to other things, such as helping people become martyrs.

2People, Pointy-things, and Partridges.

3In times since of course, far finer units have been assembled, even by lowly faeries.

4Unless you served on a swift boat, in which case, you clearly just faked it all.


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