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Browncoat Leader
The character has achieved a position of some importance within the Rebel Alliance and either leads his own cell of resistance fighters (i.e. the other heroes!) or is some kind of semi-autonomous agent acting with Alliance support.

  • The character has the Browncoat Leader occupation keyword at 15.
    • Skills: Command Browncoats, Gather Information, Inspire Loyalty, Know Independent Organization, Make a Plan, Recruit Sympathizer, Request Resources, Resist Interrogation, See the Big Picture, Speak with Authority.
    • Common Personality Traits: Bossy [or] Democratic, Idealistic [or] Pragmatic.
    • Standard of Living: raised by one level.
    • Starting Equipment: maps, plans, rank insignia.

Defining Trait
The character absolutely excels at, or is completely driven by, a single ability. This cannot be an item or a Psychic ability.

  • Improve the character’s ‘best ability’ to 5m2.

Empathically Sensitive
The character has an innate but untrained sensitivity to emotions. The character does not have any real control over his gift, and he is probably too old to receive proper Psychic training now. While he lacks the focus to actually learn feats, he can still improvise them at the usual -10, and may even do so involuntarily in some stressful situations.

  • The character has each Psychic Affinity at 17.
  • The character can improvise Feats at -10.
  • The character has ‘Not Right in the Head’ at a rating of 15.

Mysterious Past
"Someday you’re gonna tell us how a preacher knows so damn much about crime."

The character has had a long and varied history, picking up many different skills and abilities along the way

  • Select any seven abilities at 15 (these cannot be items or psychic abilities).
  • Add +10 to one ability and +5 to two others

The character’s homeworld is a central part of who he is and what he does. In many ways he represents all of that world’s best and worst qualities. This is likely to bring him a great deal of respect and admiration from other natives of the world, but may get him into even more trouble with outsiders.

  • Improve the character’s Homeworld keyword to 5m. This counts as his ‘best ability’.

The character is very skilled at his occupation and would be considered a seasoned veteran by his peers.

  • Improve the character’s Occupation keyword to 5m. This counts as his ‘best ability’.

Psychic Training

  • The character has each Psychic Affinity at 17.
  • The character has 3 Feats at +0.
  • The character may improvise any other Feats at -10.
  • The character has ‘Not Right in the Head’ at 15.
  • The character has ‘Alliance Tool’ or ‘Hunted by the Alliance’ at 1W

The character has a small group of followers that accompany him on his adventures. For example, they could be droid retainers, personal servants, advisors, bodyguards, biographers, exotic pets, apprentices, sword carriers... anything. Their commitment is not personal - they are either employees, hangers-on, or distant relatives. They are controlled by the player but will rebel if mistreated. They cannot gain hero points or improve their abilities in any way.

  • The character has 3 retainers of any type.
  • Each retainer has one keyword at 15 and one other ability at 13.
  • The character has a single relationship to his entire retinue at 15.

'''Second Profession The character has had a long and varied career, and has spent time in more than one profession.

  • Select an additional Occupation keyword at a rating of 15.

Ship’s Captain
The character owns a starship of some kind.

  • Select a Starship keyword at 15.
  • Select 3 additional abilities at 15.
  • Add +10 to one ability and i-S to two other abilities.
  • Select a Ship Flaw at 15.
  • The character has Captain of [Ship] at 15.

All starships have basic comm systems, autopilot, life support systems, artificial gravity, quarters for up to 6 people, and either a cargo hold or a launch bay that can hold a single starfighter. All other qualities, including weapons, must be represented as separate abilities. Choose a Starship keyword from below or build your own.


  • Abilities: Jump Engine, Navsat, Easy to Maintain, Inertia Compensators, No Flash, Sensor Antenna, Smuggler’s Cache, Atmospheric Engines, Maneuverable.
  • Common Flaw: Unreliable.
Additional Ship Abilities: Agile, AI, Autopilot, Armored Hull, Auto-Repair, Med Bay, Boosted Comms, Chaff Mines, Collision Detector, Computerized Security System, Concealed Weapons, Concussion Missile Launcher, Counter Scanner, Decoy Launcher, Diagnostic Scanner, Directional Scanner, Early Warning System, Ejector Seat, EMP Shielding, Escape Pod, Expanded Cargo Hold, False Markings, Famous Ship, Fast, Gatling cannon, Magnetic Grappler, Ion Cannon, lonised Atmospheric Engines, Laser Cannon, Lifepod, Lightweight, Long History, Long Range Scanners, Maneuverable, Onboard Computer, Proton Torpedoes, Radiation Shielding, Rail Gun, Reinforced Armour, Repulsor Field, Secondary Engines, Signal Jammer, Silent Running Mode, Small Transport Shuttle, Smugglers Cache, Souped Up Engine, Spin Control, Stealth Mode, Strategic Defense Lasers, System Access Codes, Targeting Computer, Tracking Equipment, Back up Boosters, Unique Design, Unstoppable, Vectored Intercept Engines.
Example Ship Flaws: Awkward Controls, Bad Wiring, Battle Scarred, Blind Spot, Cramped, Distinctive, Expensive to Maintain, Faulty Parts, Fuel Guzzler, Infamous, Obsolete, Scanner Interference, Sluggish, Stolen, Unreliable, Weak Point in Armour.

The character has a loyal and capable follower who is always at his side. He is an individual, not an anonymous retainer, and can be trusted to make independent decisions and try his best. The character and his sidekick have a personal bond and will go to any lengths to help each other. You can spend your own hero points to improve the sidekick’s abilities.

  • Select a Homeworld keyword at 15.
  • Select an Occupation keyword at 15.
  • Select any 3 other abilities at a rating of 13.
  • Add +10 to one ability and +5 to two others.

• The character gains a relationship to his Sidekick at 15.

Well Equipped

“I just get excitable as to choice. I like to have my options open.”
-- Jayne Cobb, Serenity

The character is very well equipped and seems to have a gadget to suit every occasion. This could be because he is rich, well prepared, an inventor, a scavenger, or because he is an armed-to-the-teeth paranoid survivalist.

  • Select up to nine items (at 15, where relevant).
  • Upgrade any item to a Special Item at a cost of 2 other items (see the Items And Gear).
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