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Game Play

The Protagonists

  • Zoe -- Human. Phillipe's niece (mother's brother), Gerard's Sister. Arranged (by Phillipe) to be married.
  • Master Sgt Graythorn -- Human. Master Sergeant of Gerard's squad.
  • Kikut the Nibbler -- Ratkin. Guide to Gerard's squad.

The Antagonists (see more detail here).

  • Phillipe -- The Lord
  • Visla -- His advisor, an elf
  • Gerard -- Phillipe's nephew. Zoe's brother. Leader of Greythorn's squad.
  • Charles of the Zenith -- Phillipe's rival, another Lord of Maldor. A bear of a man.
  • Night-Paw -- Leader of the Ratkin who have captured Gerard and his squad in Iohnsgaard.
  • Squall -- Night-Paw's rival.
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