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Alumzembobway is a small town located in the Southern Dalegrand Region of the Xtant Mountains. The 2970 Census numbered the population at 4260, but as the citizens are all undead, those numbers are in dispute with the Ilerian Taxation Board.

Founded in 397 A.P. by Mattias Flaylock to house the unfortunate Beaker victims zombified by the alchemical incident refered to as the Magnanimous Rainbow Cloud Death of Z’Athi Campus, the town of Alumzembobway is as notorious for its extensive defense system as it is famous for its amazing cuisine.

Nestled in the Sanooth Valley below the twin peaks of Mt. Calculatous and Mt. Algorythi, the area is criss-crossed with mountain fed streams, creating a lush verdancy that supports a wide variety of edible plants and herbs. It is also one of the few areas known to support the Wild Oolac? herds. While their tamer cousins, the Urban Oolac have been hunted to near extinction for their much prized pelts and tasty rump meat, the Wild Oolac have flourished in the hard to reach peaks and valleys of the Southern Dalegrand Region. Considered a delicacy, the Wild Oolac Rump Roast with Cimmaroo Sauce is just one of the dishes served regularly at the Blue Pustule Tavern and Inn, located on Jones street in the heart of Alumzembobway.

The haute cuisine may be highly desired, but getting there is half the challenge. The town itself is remote, at least a week's travel on foot from the nearest village of Ethelrod in Gelt territory, and the area is impassible during the lengthy snow season. Once you do manage to locate the Sanooth Valley, you will be required to check in with the Beakerguard. All travelers must submit travel requests in triplicate to the Beakerguard, who will review the documents and forward them to the Committee of Public Relations for approval. Once you receive permission to enter the valley, you must then travel to the Council of Grants to register, where you will receive a visitor badge that restricts your travel within the town to visitor-authorized green zones areas only. While in the town you must be accompanied by your assigned escort. Failure to follow any of these requirements will result in a trial before Beaker Wally, Head Councilman of the Registration Violation Board, Keeper of the Great White Baralthan Axe. Punishment varies but may include expulsion, leoprosy, or beheading.

As of 2973 A.P. The town of Alumzembobway declared that all Reluctant Folk were hinceforth banned from entry into the Sanooth Valley. No specific cause was stated.

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