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"Aye. I saw it. It was full of rainbows and DEATH." So begins the story of transformation in Z'Athi Campus, a tale of the founding of Alumzembobway, and the mysterious Mattias Flaylock. This hideous retelling of the events of the "Hibijeebi" (the 'very scary fog of colourful slaying' as noted in the phrase, 'it gives me the Hibijeebis' suggesting the fear of walking through such a fog) is remarkable only because of its adhesion to the "Beaker Flaylock Argument," the idea that Mattias should have been implicated in the zombifying incident as a publicity stunt. As Z'Athi Campus drills its point into the ground with the subtlety of a warhammer applied to a unicorn's skull, it then devolves into a romance story between a girl and her zombie boyfriend and the unlikely adventures of their mutual best friend, implied, this reviewer believes, by some of the publicized designs of the Alumzembobway green-lit recreation district.

A Generous Skittle, does a much better job of covering the real mysteries of the "Hibijeebi," in this reviewer's opinion. While spurious at points (the author excuses this as 'speculative fiction') the idea that it was actually that a group of Beakers that (unlike the single jealous foreign Fengak-sympathizer in Z'Athi Campus, an idea perpetrated by the racially intolerant based purely on the colours of the "Hibijeebi") had been dosed on something found in a Nekrotoad's locker. While on the surface this sounds fairly innocuous, perhaps even unlikely, the set of events driving the protagonist in Skittle are artfully woven to sound less presumptuous and more a series of unfortunate coincidences.

Neither of the books on the Rainbow Cloud agree with the unknown author (believed to be a Master Woldecott) who printed in Search for the Wild Oolac?, that the zombifying effect of the "Hibijeebi" on Z'Athi Campus was difficult to discern within the first few days as the students were presumed to merely be inebriated past the most generous Ji'Baar brew. In fact, the zombified were noted to have attended classes in greater numbers, showed more enthusiasm for the teachers, and in many cases, devoured the knowledge with greater zest than previously seen in their collegiate careers.

A lot of questions regarding Alumzembobway and its "(un)death zones" relate to the idea of a cure. Certainly, as was noted in the Dawes Trial, "What is created with alchemy is often faster pulled apart by alchemy." As noted (again in Search for the Wild Oolac?) "the idea of eternally subeducated, hungry undead is not so much different than the teaching of the living students," which explains the large number of professors still interned behind their walls and producing more paperwork. Attempts to create a "Black Cloud of Life" (or "Lobo") have been met with the extremes of scoffery to enthusiastic assistance, none of which has done more than develop more undead of various types.1

One study holds promise on the idea that perhaps the area of Z'Athi Campus was somehow to blame; perhaps a gateway to a dimension of negative energy, or a "mouth" (using the Nekrotoad philosopher's term) of evil somehow was opened in an interdisciplinary fashion. This study is marred however by the unlikely conceit that perhaps the Beakers were put into a "susceptible frame of mind," and thus were "in the right trance state to draw forth an uncreature."2

As no actual witnesses to the Magnanimous Rainbow Cloud Death of Z'Athi Campus have been found credible3, the actual magnanimousness of it is now the prime direction of historical study. Certainly, funds in Z'Athi's tribute have been the primary source of Beaker scholarships, but was it a step up in the (un)life of all the afflicted? Perhaps the pretty colours of the still-interdicted Z'Athi grounds and the melted remains of the "unqualified to unlife" as an art piece has improved the culture and opportunities of those who study it, but this author remains uncertain.

[1] This author agrees that the seminal work on the "Typing of Undead" is as mentioned by StriffinSaint-Swithin, The Evil Undead, Undead O! published by the seeming heir to Lyr Porili, Juliwen.

[2] "Uncreature" relating back to the "negative energy" theory in that there are forms of "life, unlife, and lack of life." The "lack of life" crowd generally argues on forms of cessation rather than methods of continued existance, which have been taken over by the "unlife" crowd.

[3] The phrase, "Never trust a lich," is translatable in many, many languages. Alas, "How many lichs does it take to get to the center of a Fengak," is, as well.

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