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An axe is an instrument with a sharpened head which may be either single- or double-bladed and possesses sufficient mass with which to fell certain objects, e.g., trees, wolves, towering girasols, entire armies, vertically-oriented continents, etc. Most axe wielders pride themselves on the sharpness of their instrument, as contrasted by the bluntness of their attitude.

Noted axes:

The Great White Baralthan Axe. Forged in Anno Platyrhyncha (a.p.) 53 by the Sniffleheim Dwarves, a subsociety of the Gelts of the Xtant? Hills. The axe was stolen1 by Baraltho The Elf, who promptly chopped down a tribe of early petrified scholar-trolls. The axe has continued to be passed from one unlikely wielder to the next through the generations. The axe was named for its ability to cause progressive leprosy in its surviving victims.

The Wee Prick. Forged in 1389 by the Sniffleheim Dwarves for the Princess MacFurskie. Due to some tricky interplay between unholy maths, a twee and possibly apocryphal Beaker known improbably as Sean MacTard?, and the Closet Dimensions, the wielder packs the mass of a herd of tachyderms in a double labrys the size of a human noblewoman's left earring.

1 - As with most stolen weapons, the object acquired the name of its absconder rather than its artisan or intended owner, the names of which were turned into insolvable acrostics during the Cellulitic Plague of a.p. 1347.

Submitted by Xaxrus, SDM.


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