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This refers to one of the various types of dimensions that exist within our world. In accordance with the Standard Dimensions Act of 856, hereafter referred to as the SDA, dimensions are to be classified by size, whether they are the dimensions of a room or an extra-planar dimension. Needless to say, the SDA only served to confuse the populace as a whole. 1

In this instance a closet dimension is smaller than a stable dimension2 and bigger than a pocket dimension. According to the SDA the approximate measurements of a closet dimension is three feet wide, seven feet high, and three feet deep.3 These are the measurements when the closet dimension is open.4 When closed the dimension becomes much larger, similar to the effect of most female royalty’s shoe closets.

Since the dimensions of a closet dimension are vastly dependent upon whether the door is open or closed, most of them go largely unused save to store a few coats or small janitorial supplies. This is due in large part to the aptly named Icky Effect. However in times of utter desperation a closet dimension has been used with mixed results ranging from the relative success of The Wee Prick to the disaster of the Royal Rummage of 1050.

There has been much speculation on how a closet dimension is formed since they continue to appear in buildings both old and newly constructed. The current theory is that a closet dimension is a failed attempt by creatures from another world to gain access to ours.5

Submitted Respectfully,

W.T.E. Campsworth

1 : Which led to it being repealed in 857 but is still referred to today because no other standards have been established since then.

2: Referring, obviously, to the dimensions of a stable as established by the SDA, not its volatility.

3: Note that this is an approximation as there are no standards for building extra-dimensional spaces, just standards for size classification.6

4: Because it is a closet it has a door, also the reason for calling it a closet dimension, along with the now repealed SDA.

5: We know that this is accomplished through the establishment of a stable dimension or a pocket dimension, usually established in a closet of a small child’s room and is usually mistaken for a closet dimension, but isn’t. This was another reason why the SDA was repealed.

6: Also note that this is a further approximation because the notion of “feet” as a measurement between dimensions is rather varied and diverse. For instance, a closet dimension as determined by the Ainslough Fairies will be much smaller than a closet dimension as determined by a dwarf. However while a closet dimension by an Ainslough could be considered a pocket dimension by someone larger it is still, in fact, a closet dimension because at the time that particular closet dimension was measured using the SDA for a fairy.7

7: Yet another reason why the SDA was repealed a year later.

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