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Bronze Behemoth
"Having dispatched the Gelts at the Pass Of Wavering Tongues, my unit and I trotted along the Jugular Way until we reached a small, unexpected crossroad. On the far right-hand corner sat a large, brazen mechanism, some two stories tall, of mostly rounded and spherical elements connected by sturdy girders and metallic tubing, but also dotted with translucent domes which may have been observation ports, or may simply have been decor. Various parts at times would shift, turn, or rotate, in no discernable pattern. An odd series of tones emanated from it, resembling at times a harpsichord, at other times a string quartet, albeit of dubious tuning.

"I rode my mount closer, cautiously noting the many apparent arms and extrusions from the mechanism. Nobody in my squad was more bemused than I was when, upon my commenting to my leftenant that I could use a drink, the machine itself began to move purposefully, drawing from within itself materials to construct a metal table and a chair, and producing from some location undetermined a bottle of a 2812 Rondemel and a cut crystal glass.

"Upon sampling the proffered drink, I gave it my approval, and ordered drinks for the unit. Thus refreshed, and bidding the Behemoth a hearty farewell, we rode onward.

"I must confess, it was not until we reached the Skinning Fords that I realized Simons was missing."

-- Testimony of Lord Braden Polz, OCD, before the Endemic Tribunal of 2915

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