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Lord Braden Polz, OCD, DSC; 2nd Son of Mortimer Dauntless Polz, 15th Earl Eastward, and Honoria Golpsus. Married 2955, Lucasta Lucia Lucretia, daughter of Lawrence Leonard Lucretia; one son (Simon Sayers Petherbridge Polz) born 2958.

Educated: Owlsroost University, William and Hillary (Bachelor of Distinction (Polymathy), Master of Domain (Quadrivium)), class of 2962

Service: Ducal Regiment (2968-69); Her Imperial Own (2969-2973).

Clubs: The Mysterious Order Of The Eye; Egotists'; Ilerian Raiders; Brother And Sisterhood And Anyone Else Who Cares To Raise A Glass For Woldecott

Residences: Hither and Yon

Recreations: Collecting wine bottle labels; adventuring; scandalizing his family

Arms: Sable, 3 bottles, rampant, vert; crest, a naked woman, reclining, proper; motto: The glass is actually half-full, but let's order another anyway.

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