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The "Icky" effect, or more properly, the "ICKY" effect, was first described by the ancient Dornialaian scholar, Juliwen, who may or may not have actually been a particularly tall Gelt.

"I Can't Kill You", which is what "ICKY" originally stood for, describes the rage induced in those charged with protecting their liege; who at the same time really just want to off their liege for being criminally ignorant and a right waste of flesh1.

The origins of the ICKY effect can be traced to the first Neipera, which induced the effect in nearly all who came in contact with it. This traumatic first exposure continues to resonate in the bloodlines of many to this day.

The effect can also be induced by dimensional travel; especially with members of one's spouse's family2. It is often experienced by those visiting Closet Dimensions3 4.

Over time, the ICKY effect has devolved and generalized into the "Icky effect", and is now used for a number of induced feelings of nausea and rage, including those engendered by thinking too hard about Carmel Feralia and her Fengaks, or visiting the brothels of Bodea-Lotnikk.

While some have theorized that the effects of beer on Trolls is a variant of the Icky effect, others think that's stretching things just a bit too far.

Various Beakers have attempted to find a cure for the ICKY effect, to no real success. Several proposed remedies, such as a suppository derived from Ouchie Weed, had such significant side effects as to make the patients really just wish for their mums.

-- Yours in scholarship, Argus Penwizzle


1This effect has subsequently been miscategorized by the satirist S.Adams as "Stress".

2A sub-class of ICKY is "I Can't Kill Your (mother). The (mother) typically being implied by a particularly forced smile at one's spouse.

3The ClosetDimension tourism boom was short-lived because of this unfortunate side effect.

4Thus, "Coming out of the Closet" was originally a euphemism for dealing with the feelings induced by the ICKY Effect after they had been pent up for a long time.


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