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Neipera is an honorific title among the Gelts, whose military bearing and heritage nonetheless includes this unique title. The Neipera of a Geltish clan is more known for her brainpower by which several unfortunate adventures and travelers along the Jugular Way have come to mean the very power of her brain.

The most famous Neipera was the first, Neipera Summersdottir. It is her name that has become the title, and though not every tribe of the Gelts has a Neipera at any one time, carefully conducted research reveals that the fewer Neiperas currently in power, the greater their power is.

As the legend goes, it was an early traveler of the Jugular Way who encountered Neipera while out picking flowers. This unfortunate traveler apparently made unwanted advances on the beautiful, if simple, Neipera, and though she was physically unable to rebuff him, he shortly began to experience incredibly painful after-effects of the encounter.

Covering a range of symptoms, from imaginary burning patches on his skin, to the unsettling feeling of walking across an uneven floor, the first victim of Neipera, though he attempted to live a normal life after their encounter, eventually committed himself to a sanctuary that prohibited any contact with women, spherical objects, and pink. Though he attempted suicide any number of times, he was unable to complete the deed.

There are some who say that it was Neipera herself that began training the other Geltish females in her powers, teaching them to others so that they would not be caught out, as she was. Still other schools of thought believe it happened naturally, that a Neipera comes into her power on her own, often at the same time as she is recognized as an adult by the traditions of her tribe.

Still, it is a strange coincidence that Neipera are only known to be dangerous to male outsiders and travelers, who are unfamiliar with the traditions of the Gelts. Perhaps the mental power these young women possess is one which the male Gelts are naturally immune to. Nonetheless, their appearances on the Jugular Way have lead a number of travelers of that route to attempted suicide and incarceration, and at times, to death at the hands of the Gelts.

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