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It is now a matter of undisputed historical fact that no entirely (or even mostly) complete editions of the Encyclopedia Exstansica still exist. Between the fallout from the Magnanimous Rainbow Cloud Death of Z’Athi Campus and two separate encounters with Axes carved from the tusks of Tachyderms, it is a wonder that any sentient beings even remember the Encyclopedia, let alone that any significant sections of the text survived.

As a result of these (and other) events, any copy of the Encyclopedia contains many incomplete entries (and many more are entirely missing).

These incomplete entries are known as stubs -- wisps of knowledge that all good scholars seek to recover or rediscover so that, in some distant future, the Encyclopedia Exstansica might, once again, be whole.

((Please Note that any Stub can be ADDED to by any other author, even as their turn in the Lexicon -- just don't SUBTRACT anything.))

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