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Intricately carved metal and wood objects, soothing to hold in the hand, heavy and comfortable enough to use as a bludgeon, but otherwise not much good for anything except for disassembly as a puzzle.

Approximately five hundred years ago, one was found in a strange, battered metal box in the jungles downslope of the Nihumet Range?, along with several scraps of burned paper, of which only the following could be deciphered: "... talking monkeys ... Third: Universality ... Legion ... Dunsmuir ..." and, finally, "404 File Not Found" (it was speculated by Grayson Dawes that that was the final page of a very long instruction manual or philosophical text).

Since then, several others have been found in odd places around the lands, but none has ever found a use for them. They remain interesting collectors items due to their fine workmanship, and the subject of some of the most outlandish speculative fiction.

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