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The Void of Tranquility has been an oft-debated subject throughout the years. Written about in flowery terms by Hugh Gabilshatush and debated on by debatable scholars such as Juliwen and Grayson Dawes, there is no real consensus as to what the Void truly is.

One of the most popular views these days is that it is a magical, ethereal place from which tooth fairies, lollipops, sugar plums, demons, ghouls and the spirits of moldy cheese. This of course sparked an entirely different debate about whether moldy cheese has a spirit or not, but that is something to be gone over on another day. While this view is a popular belief, there has been no substantiated proof that it exists outside of nursery rhymes and deluded ramblings of insane “prophets”

Another theorist saw that the Void refers to an ancient zeppelin that was so big that it contained an entire city of people. Even more interesting was that it apparently ran on the energy of negative thoughts from the people aboard the zeppelin called the Profanity Drive. Life aboard a the floating city was apparently quite unbearable and given that they were thousands of feet in the air, the only way out was a long way down. So rather than leave they just complained bitterly about the whole thing, which ironically enough was what kept them afloat. Had they simply shut their traps and tried to enjoy life aboard a city-sized zeppelin, they would have eventually landed and been able to escape. Unlike the sugar plum theory, there have been a few sightings of a large unidentified object throughout history. This could very well have been the Void or a very obese dragon.

Yet a third theory speculates that the Void is home to a tribe of Nekrotoads who have taken up a peaceful existence in an attempt to become one with the universe. This one isn’t a popular theory at all and is about as ridiculous as the first.

The final theory regarding the Void is based in the lost language known as the Lost Language. According to some linguist, the Void of Tranquility is the translation of an especially existential bowel movement in which one achieves a deeper understanding of oneself. This is a possible theory, albeit a disgusting and disturbing one, that will likely continue to be explored out of sheer boredom. 1

1: No, there aren’t any relevant footnotes for this one, so bugger off!

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