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What's a Star*Babe?

It's five hundred years in the future, at the edge of explored space. Our colonies in the Verge have begun to slip into chaos, and the powerful Core nations who could help them are untrustworthy and belligerent. As a Star*Babe--or, technically, "Concord Peacekeeper"--you've got one foot in both camps, and each side looks to you with a mixture of hope and distrust.

Taking a broader view, Star*Babe is a sci-fi version of Trollbabe, trying to explore issues of globalization, home rule, and contemporary foreign policy problems. The setting is a "remixed" version of The Star*Drive Campaign Setting written by David Eckleberry and Richard Baker, published by TSR in 1998.

What Do Star*Babes Do All Day?

A game of Star*Babe should resemble a fun sci-fi television show. Right now, I'm walking down memory lane, thinking about all those fun shows from the late 1970's--"The Incredible Hulk," "Battlestar Galactica," and "Buck Rogers." Probably the best modern example was "Firefly." In all of those shows, the space-hero shows up in space-town, and just by being there brings all these tensions to a boil. Even if the hero tries to stay uninvolved, the trouble won't leave him or her alone.

Star*Babe could be played with many different tones, from the zany madcap antics of "Futurama" to the grim but passionate new version of "Battlestar." Maybe somewhere in the middle suits you better: something thoughtful but not stuck on itself, action-packed but also kinda tender at odd moments--the sort of show "Star Trek" wishes it could be.

Also--and this is very important--the game is meant to be played with a sketchy setting with details supplied in play. The material here isn't meant to constrain you in any way. I've tried to provide an interesting framework, but everything else are just the ideas that appealed to me in April, 2006. Feel free to change whatever you'd like: more aliens, less aliens, completely different star systems, whatever. It's your game: have fun with it!

Deliberately Sketchy Background Info

The Verge Systems

The Core Nations

The Aliens

  • Amazons - telepathic starfish-turtles
  • Moonbats - eight-eyed, six-limbed, nocturnal hermaphrodites with wings
  • Za
  • Clicks?
  • Precursors
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