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The Midtown Elves, also known as the "metro" elves, are also known by some as "the elves that ruined it for all of us".

Known for their particularly androgynous look, the Midtown Elves also affect a particular style of speaking, which some have termed "mellifluous", and others have called "bloody fairy-talk".

Known for their ability to make females of all species swoon and not giving a whit, the Midtown Elves are also extensive travelers, causing many people in non-elf societies to believe that all elves are just like them.

Although most mid-town elves are willowy and smooth-faced, with carefully chosen earth-toned clothes and elaborately coiffed hair, some, known colloquially as "bear-elves", or "belves", are far more hairy, and often shorter and heavier1.

Despised by men of many societies for unfairly raising the bar of manly grooming, the Midtown Elves have been run out of some territories altogether.

-- Yours in Scholarship, Argus Penwizzle


1 With a infamous example being Baraltho The Elf

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