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Better known for its size than its usefulness, a Uvalulu is nonetheless an incredibly useful device. Brought into prominence by Annamarian the Cross of Kroon, the Duchess’ uvalulu became renowned for its uncanny ability to hold anything she needed – not just anything she put into it, to be clear, but anything she needed. She discovered this amazing ability of the bag she otherwise considered “just an overnight bag, you know, for those nights I need to be away from the castle” early one morning in an attempt to redress, and discovered the impossibility of lacing a corset without the aid of a lady’s maid. While holding onto her uvalulu, she casually wished for a second pair of hands to help her dress – and what is now known as the first Reluctant Folk to make his way to Bodea-Lotnikk popped out of the bag to help her dress (while, it must be admitted, offering some rather strident critique of the Duchess’ attire).

Since that time, uvalula (the common plural form of the singular “uvalulu”) have become the must-have accessory for any lady who imagines herself highborn, or aspires to better herself in society. The Ladies’ High Seas Education And Adventure Society gives a new uvalulu to each of their members, which may contribute to the Reluctant Folk’s spread across the Five Nations.

Since Annamarian’s time, the uvalulu has passed into vernacular – for its size, as mentioned previously, but also a sign of a lady’s comfort. A locale where a lady might be said to “let her uvalulu hang out for all to see” has a reputation for being one where she might relax, where she is free to reveal whatever the contents of her uvalulu may be, and the nature of her most personal wishes. Language being as it is, a similar phrase is often applied to Kimbuki Bassoon instrumentalists, but the meaning is decidedly more base.

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